Monday, 11 August 2014

Buyer Control in online marketing

• Buyer power online is based largely on the huge quantity of
information & product availability on the Web.
Online buyers are becoming more sophisticated.

• Sellers are more willing to negotiate = giving power to
buyers in the exchange.

• Sellers realize that information technology can help them
better manage inventories & automate frequent price
Buyers often enjoy many online cost savings:

• The Net is convenient:
• It is open 24/7 = users can research, shop, consume entertainment
• E-mail allows asynchronous communication among users at any location
and prevents “telephone tag” with sellers.

• The Net is fast:
• Users can order a product and receive it the following day.

• Self-service saves time:
• Customers can track shipments, pay bills, trade securities, check account
balances, and handle many other activities without waiting for sales reps.
• Users can request product information at Web sites and receive it

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